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Track Record 2009

Reindeer and Devil's Creek Project


Date Awarded:
2009 devil's creek pullhead
DrillTec Australia
ARV Offshore assisted DrillTec Australia with health, safety and environment submissions, quality control and welding issues, and design of the combination pull-heads/pre-commissioning heads on the Horizontal Directional Drilling shore crossing.  This involved Secondment to the Perth office and in Bangkok installation engineering and brainstorming.

The work on this project benefited significantly from the extensive bid assistance ARV Offshore gave DrillTec on Chevron’s Gorgon project from February to August 2009.  This entailed assistance with marine support of the drilling operation to assistance to the back-reaming and tow out to site, the preparation of health, safety, environment and quality submissions, project management and project execution documents, sourcing subcontractors and consultants. <









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