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Track Record 2008

Kambuna Field Development


Date Awarded:
2008 kambuna field
Asian Petroleum Development Limited
ARV Offshore supplied the key members of the project management team, 18 people in total, to integrate with Asian Petroleum Development Limited’s existing team, comprising 15 people, in the field development of the Kambuna Field.

ARV Offshore took direct responsibility over several key project areas, including procurement, quality control, contract risk, project controls, engineering management and liaised with the engineering contractor for the entire project.

The field development included 154 kilometres of 14 inch concrete coated offshore pipeline, shore crossing and 10 kilometres of onshore pipeline, installation and commission of offshore wellhead platform, fabrication and installation of onshore receiving facilities, fabrication and installation of condensate export facilities, including the dredging of a channel for export barges, and the commissioning of the entire system.
Kambuna Field, Malacca Straits









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