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Core Competencies


Utilising its team that is experienced in all areas of supply chain management, ARV Offshore is able to ensure timely delivery of materials from a global network of suppliers. Our team sources both locally and internationally but a significant portion of equipment and materials used in construction can be sourced locally, thereby lowering overall costs for the customer. Many internationally recognised companies have their manufacturing base in Thailand and many of the local manufacturers can supply materials that meet international standards. The remainder is imported and Thailand is ideally located geographically to procure items from China, Indonesia, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore.

ARV Offshore’s systems ensure transparent, effective control over projects, giving our clients confidence that we are able to provide timely supply and delivery, complete status reporting throughout the project and all necessary coordination. Our team has been working in a project environment for many years and understands priorities and the potential impact on a project.


ARV Offshore has a dedicated logistics team that can assist in the export of fabricated items from Thailand, and can also assist in the import of the fabricated items into the destination country.

If required, ARV Offshore can assist the client in ensuring that the receipt of the fabricated items is as easy as if the items had been fabricated in the destination country. ARV Offshore can also assist/manage the application for government licenses related to the import of restricted materials or dangerous goods.




ISO 9001; ISO 14001; OHSAS 18000

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