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Core Competencies

Field Development

ARV Offshore's highly experienced field development staff personnel are capable of interfacing sub-surface, process and construction to obtain the optimum field and construction development strategy.

ARV Offshore has executed a broad range of projects from EPIC contracts for subsea pipeline developments to an onshore pipeline and gas receiving plant. ARV Offshore has worked as Project Management Consultant on various projects and successfully completed numerous fabrication projects, such as subsea manifolds, compression skids and crane construction.

ARV Offshore can enter the field development process at any stage, and the earlier that is, the greater the value that can be added.   ARV Offshore has been involved in:

* Pre-appraisal well block bidding;
* Greenfield site development (Proven but not Producing); and
* Future field extension planning.

The optimization of a field’s development involves consideration of cost-time-quality trade-offs, including:

* Reserves in place (P10-P90);
* Recovery methods;
* Flow rates & compositions;
* Drilling;
* Wellhead support/protection;
* Manifold flows;
* Processing;
* Storage; and
* Export.

ISO 9001; ISO 14001; OHSAS 18000

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