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Core Competencies


ARV Offshore have project managed and been activily involved in fabrication. ARV Offshore manages the construction of “truckable”, high-density pre-assembled modules, units and racks to all major design standards including, among others:

* ASME VIII Div.1, 2 and 3 (U, U2, R, PP, S);
* AS 1210;
* ANSI B31.3 / ANSI B31.4 / ANSI B31.8;
* API Codes, Standards, and Recommended Practices;
* AWS D1.1; and
* DNV 2.7 – 1.

As the area is the focal point of Thailand’s petrochemicals and manufacturing industries, there is an abundance of skilled tradesmen, internationally recognized oil and gas and mining suppliers, local suppliers manufacturing to international standards and specialist support services, such as crane hire, heavy lifting and transportation. Therefore ramping up manpower either directly or via an agency is straightforward.


Fabrication & Assembly Services

ARV Offshore provides Fabrication Services for:

* Modules up to 500 tonnes;
* Modular components – pipe racks, etc.;
* Subsea structures - PLEMs, Spools, etc.;
* Skid mounted equipment;
* Pre-fabricated components, such as girders, built up beams, etc.; and
* DNV certified skids.



Increased Capacity Or Fabrication of Larger Items

The port facility offers space for rental close to the quayside, and it is practical to temporarily increase capacity or assemble larger components at the port based on project requirements.


ISO 9001; ISO 14001; OHSAS 18000

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