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Other Business Lines

Australian Supply Solutions

ARV Offshore is targeting the provision of fabricated or procured items for the oil and gas and mining sectors in Australia, as ARV Offshore is able to combine lower cost construction with strong project management and our established network of contacts in Australia.

With ARV Offshore's dedicated procurement department that is experienced in all areas of supply chain management, ARV Offshore is able to ensure timely delivery of materials from a global network of suppliers thereby lowering overall costs for the customer. Many internationally recognised companies have manufacturing facilities in Thailand and many Thai manufacturers can supply materials that meet Australian standards. Thailand is ideally located geographically to procure items from China, Indonesia, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore.

ARV Offshore's dedicated logistics team can assist in the export of fabricated items from Thailand to Australia under the Thailand – Australia Free Trade Agreement, and can also assist in the import into Australia. If required, ARV Offshore can assist the client in ensuring that the receipt of the fabricated items is as easy as if the items had been fabricated in Australia. ARV Offshore can also assist/manage the application for government licenses related to the import of restricted materials or dangerous goods.

* Ease of Communications – Australians as shareholders and in key management positions, The language of business is English;
* Fabrication partners located near a deep water port, with easy access to international trade routes;
* ARV Offshore is fully ISO accredited, with a web based Integrated Management System;
* Thailand – Australia Free Trade Agreement – allowing ARV Offshore to export pre-fabricated items duty free into Australia, lowering costs for clients;
* ARV Offshore has on the ground support – an office in Perth, Western Australia allow ARV Offshore to meet clients face to face;
* Warranties – ARV Offshore stands by its work and proudly supports the Australian market;
* Dedicated, internationally experienced procurement and logistics departments ready to assist with deliveries to client's site; and
* IP Protection – ARV Offshore understands the importance of Intellectual Property and has systems in place to protect our own and our clients' IP.
Concrete Sleepers ARV has sourced for Australia

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