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About ARV Offshore - ARV Offshore's Culture

Commitment to Customers

ARV Offshore is committed to excellence in all its endeavours, and Customers' trust is valued particularly when it comes to handling sensitive and confidential information. ARV Offshore's reputation for integrity and fair dealing is vitally important in winning and retaining this trust.

Code of Ethics

The ARV Offshore Code of Ethics is a guide to ethical decision making and business practice. It supports a whole range of company policies, standards, guidelines, business processes and procedures that define individual obligations and responsibilities to behave ethically in every aspect of business life. The ARV Offshore Code of Ethics and ARV Offshore policies apply to all ARV Offshore directors, officers and employees of the company. Each one of us, ultimately, is personally responsible for making sure that we comply with the laws and standards that apply to our business, as well as to our own policies, procedures and guidelines. ARV Offshore is a company committed to providing services that enhance and optimize our customers' performance. To deliver this value to our customers, we capitalize on our global culture, deep understanding of customer workflows and processes, and extensive experience in developing and deploying innovative-technology solutions.

Demonstrating Integrity

Acting ethically is not just about complying with the formal laws and regulations that govern our business, it is also about following the highest standards of quality and personal integrity. This helps us make informed business decisions and avoid inadvertent violations of laws and company policies. It reduces the risk of expensive fines and liability, as well as legal penalties, against the company and individuals. It also protects our earnings and shareholder value and provides a strong foundation to expand our services and customer base.

It goes without saying that everyone in ARV Offshore must respect and follow the laws of the countries in which we operate, in addition to this, we must all dedicate ourselves to maintaining the trust and confidence of our colleagues, customers and shareholders, as well as all others affected by our operations. If we are clearly seen to behave in an ethical way, we enhance our reputation for integrity, which in turn helps us attract and retain both customers and employees.

ISO 9001; ISO 14001; OHSAS 18000

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